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Summer Slide......Oh No!!!!

One thing I hear most from parents when the school year ends is the fear of a summer academic slide. Let me start by saying I'm a little torn on the issue. I know as an educator I should push academics year round, and to some degree I do. But let's be clear, academics - though important- does not address all the needs of the child. So let's start by creating balance. First step... create a system. Children thrive from routine.... yes, even in the summer. The cause of summer slide, is not just lack of academics, but lack of routine, responsibility and brain stimulation. I created a schedule for my children and post my daughter's in her room and my son's on the refrigerator (he frequents that spot). Feel free to download the editable link below to customize for your family's use.

As you see, this schedule is a mixture of physical, intellectual, academic and free choice activities. As you make changes to fit your family, it is very important you maintain all areas of development. This process prevents repeated instructions, helps engage your child and prevents that dreadful "Get back in the swing of things" period just before school starts.

Parent Tip: Have a family meeting with your children to introduce their checklist. Read it over with them and and let them know the rewards they earn from completing the items on their list. I would even let them help you create the reward system. In my home, my children have items they have to complete before breakfast and before bedtime. Other than those specific times, they may choose when to complete the other items. I promise you a great motivator is after they ask may they have screen time, my response is generally ... "Have you completed your checklist?"..... they usually walk away very driven to complete something. This process teaches them to own their own responsibilities and creates great habits. You are their first teacher, and the only teacher responsible for all areas of their lives. This summer is a great summer to start! Let me know if you need help. #Weareinthistogether #educationstartsathome #ittakesavillage

Summer Schedule
Download DOCX • 256KB


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