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It is anticipated that we will be at full capacity for the 2023-2024 School Year.

Welcome to Finch Academy

Thank you for your interest in our "Out of the Box" educational experience.

Kudos to you for taking the extra step to give your child the opportunity to succeed.

​​We know that trusting an educational program can seem a bit overwhelming. Our team is here to support you and will remain committed to providing support throughout the years.


The Finch experiences continues long after the student completes the educational program.  Yes, we have been to several college programs and graduations as a proud part of the village. We look forward to meeting your family and to you joining ours.

Step 1:

Schedule an enrollment meeting

This is time for us to get to know you and your family. We will discuss our program and hear your educational goals to determine if our program is a good fit. 

Step 2:

 Once we have determined a good fit, fill out the Enrollment Application

This document starts the enrollment process. 

There is a $100 Registration Fee that should be paid via Zelle @

Step 3

We will confirm the completion of the enrollment process

After which we would begin coresponsondence on how to prepare your FinchKid for this journey.


Join Our Waitlist

We will stay in touch

We are an intentionally small learning facility. Enrollment priority is given on first come, first serve basis when space is available. Availability is determined based on the maximum allowed per group (grade/level). Families on our waitlist are notified of an availability in the order in which they applied.

Grab our Handbook

Here you will find details such as tuition costs, uniform policy, school calendar, supply lists, and more...

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