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Parenting During A Pandemic

So, this was a pretty rough year. You probably have had a mixture of emotions as a parent. Let me guess, you’ve felt the guilt of not doing “enough”, but not having the energy to do more. First, let me start my saying, TAKE A DEEP BREATH. Now let’s create a balance that works for both you and your child. One big mistake that parents make during rough times is overcompensating to pacify the struggle. In the attempt to overcompensate, you drain every opportunity to actually do what’s necessary to teach your child proper coping skills. As your child grows, he or she will most definitely face trying times. It’s up to you to train him or her to properly deal. I’ve talked to families who decided that poor behavior choices or not focusing in school was a side effect of the pandemic that should somehow be understood or maybe even overlooked. What does this teach the child? When times are hard, you can quit or act out. 😳 Imagine that lesson as an adult. You’re training them now that their greatness depends on their circumstances and that’s just not the case. Provide a space for open communication to discuss what’s difficult about the situation. By doing this, you teach your child it‘s ok not to be ok and you care about what concerns him or her. Then after communication, affirm your child. “I believe in you, and I know this is hard, but YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS”! -and I will help you. This teaches your child that they don’t have to do it alone- That having a village is important to their success. Finally, STAY CONSISTENT! DON’T CRUMBLE! Communicate your expectations. “It is very important that you make good choices, be obedient and handle your responsibilities.“ Make those responsibilities clear (school work, chores, etc.) and check in periodically with affirmation and reminders. Remember, this is an investment into their future. #ittakesavillage #wereheretohelp #letstalk #finchkidsrock

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