Finch Academy provides nutritionally balanced snacks, meals, and cooking activities. The Center’s nutritional program is guided by providing healthy foods that will help children develop lifelong sound eating habits.


•Parents of children under 12 months of age are to provide all formula/breastmilk in prepared bottles labeled with the infants full name and current date. The center provides age appropriate baby food for infants. A feeding form is available for you to communicate your preferences of daily feeding plans to your caregiver.


•Children over one year of age are served a nutritious breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack. Menus are nutritious, meet all USDA requirements, and appeal to children. Seconds are offered to children.


•Special diets required by a physician need to be described in writing and signed by a doctor. Families who are vegetarian or have cultural or religious limitations on certain foods must indicate restrictions in writing.


•We make every effort to provide special diets but may ask parent to provide certain items. Since we like to celebrate your child’s birthday at school, we encourage you to bring nutritious and age appropriate “treats” to help celebrate the occasion. Please do not bring chocolate, chewing gum, or any other treats high in sugar or that could become a choking hazard.