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Our on campus Homeschool is a combined group of multi- grade levels. We use  technology to cater the curriculum to each child's needs.  Teachers guide the students by facilitating lessons rather than lecturing which allows each student to work at his or her own pace.  

Speak  to the Director for more information.

We operate a  Project based learning system. The term “Project Based” describes in class hands on practices that encourage a more in depth  study of each learning topic. In layman’s terms it’s more of a “show me” what you know than allowing a test to “tell me” what you know.  We plan all projects to be executed in class. Students will practice until they master the concept. Then we will move forward.  


We explore “life practices”. Learning is more than just what happens in the classroom. We take care of our school property with daily care chores. We also explore more of what’s to offer in the world around us. This is a student lead practice. Their interest.... our research on how they can get involved!!!!

Parental assistance is appreciated!

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