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Who are we?

We are Finch Academy,  A School of Advanced Academics.  Since 2002, we  have offered an advanced individualized curriculum that allows all of our students to thrive.   We offer small class sizes, qualified instructors and innovative teaching methods. We understand that the decision of education is a big decision for parents, which is why we vow to provide your child with the care and education you desire. 
We look forward to helping you provide the best for your child. Come see the Difference!


Upon enrollment, we assess each student's social and academic  abilities. We then tailor a plan according to the students strengths and weaknesses. No one child's plan is like another. Each child has different learning styles. We offer a plan that teaches the individual.





With over 20 years of experience,  our curriculum coordinators are able to pull from several trusted resources to develop a well rounded plan. We credit this ability to tried and tested teaching techniques and our small class sizes. 

What do we do?

How do we do it?


Our Academic Philosophy


Finch Academy  maintains low student to teacher ratios as follows:

• K5 through 1st Grade  -  8:1

• 2nd through 8th Grade  - 12:1

• 9th Grade and Up - 12:1 


Confidence is a key component to student success. While we take pride in our academic structure, our main focus is building character and confidence in each student.  We celebrate their differences. We encourage their strengths while guiding them through their weaknesses. 

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