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Hey There!

I am Jaffany Finch, Owner/Director/Curriculum Specialist of Finch Academy.  A few of my other titles are parent counselor, student motivator and occasionally lead janitor and plumber. Over the years, I have taken each of these responsibilities very seriously and thanks to YouTube University, my plumbing skills have vastly improved.  

Thank you so much for visiting our site and inquiring about our program. Finch Academy is a labor of love that began 20 years ago. We strive to touch children and their families' lives in a way that will impact them forever! 

My Story

I've always known I wanted to work with children in some capacity.  As a child, I had the smartest set of stuffed animals on the block.  As far back as I can remember, I was creating work pages and policies for babysitting services that I began at a very early age.  I attended a private school throughout my elementary years and ventured into public school upon entering the 7th grade.  Both of these perspectives gave me a glance at what was expected in both worlds and the difference in those expectations were obvious.

I went on to study Child Psychology at Emory University in Atlanta , GA.  This course of study was planned to prepare for a career in Pediatric Therapy.  After one semester of internship with an on campus therapist, I quickly learned that my habit of crying with the patients would probably not make for a good therapist.  That, along with the doctor having to console me after each client probed me to think in my Junior year of college that I needed to consider a different career path.  My course studies remained the same, yet I started to focus more on child development and brain behavior.

Immediately after college graduation I joined a team at an educational facility as their assistant director.  Though this facility was a great starting point, allowing me to learn the ropes of the business, it  challenged my views of what education should be. 

November 2002, I ventured on my own with a group of preschool students- who are still in my life today-


My vision was to create a space of learning that considered the WHOLE CHILD.  I understood that children's education, behavior, belief in themselves and what they could accomplish was up to their environment.  My team and I focus wholeheartedly on helping you guide your student to the greatness they already possess. 


I always look forward to hearing from families and discussing your story, your goals, and how we can help.


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